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Liverpool based Partner

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Why you chose to join Sensibill?
I have known Bahman and Sensibill for a long time (back in the Crane Telecom days) !

What are the advantages of being part of a partner programme?
As a specialist in LG Telephony I found it imperative that we partner with a company who can support us along our journey.

How you benefit from being associated with an IT/telecoms industry leader?
Sensibill tick all the boxes when providing the Network, Cloud Telephony systems, billing, mobile and IT support. This enables National Telecoms UK to provide an excellent service to our customers knowing we have the back up of Sensibill and all their staff.

Why you would recommend Sensibills’s partner programme to others?
Fiona is an asset to the Dealer Management Team and we look forward to many years of success working together.

Mike, Director

West Yorkshire based Partner

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  • Why you chose to join Sensibill?

We chose your company due to Fiona being brilliant and holding our hand through quotes, application and point of contact until we get used to the systems in place and platforms.

  • What are the advantages of being part of a partner programme?

Money – it sounds rude but it is what we are all in business for to make money. This partnership is cost effective and profitable for all, whilst still being competitive.

  • Why you would recommend Sensibill’s partner programme to others?

We are committed to the partnership and we will and are going to see it grow for sure.

Business Phone Systems and VoIP – A Simple Guide

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Hands up if you take your business phone system for granted.

If that’s the case, it’s time to take a look at what’s new in the world of business phone systems, what’s available and why they still matter.

Why do businesses need phone systems?

If you’re familiar with Cloud Computing, then you’ll already know about the ways it can save your business time and money. A Cloud Telephony solution such as VoIP can do likewise.

VoIP stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ and is where calls are carried over the Internet and you don’t need a separate traditional phone line.

Advantages of Hosted VoIP

  • Considerably cheaper set-up costs, with a much shorter implementation time vs. a traditional phone system
  • Cheaper ongoing costs with no maintenance fees
  • No costly upgrades as all system maintenance and platform upgrades are included in the per user, per month cost#
  • Cheaper call rates, in most cases calls are inclusive of the per user, per month cost
  • Flexibility to add new users as the business grows with out expensive install installs or phone system expansion
  • Phone number flexibility, add direct dials and other geographical phone numbers to the system for free
  • Complete flexibility if you move premises, no need to change phone numbers or routing plans, simply plug in your Hosted VoIP handset at your new office and it will continue to work
  • Many advanced features to allow for future growth, like mobile applications, desktop integration and call recording

Unless you’re a sole trader with clients happy to contact you on your mobile, all businesses need a landline to meet customers’ expectations. Luckily, a business landline can help:

  • A landline gives your business credibility.
  • If you get a high call volume, you can use features such as call management and call hold music scripts to manage expectations and prevent the dreaded ‘no answer’.
  • For businesses with several employees that clients may contact directly, voicemail is equally important so that customers know they have left a message with the correct person and that their enquiry will be dealt with quickly.
  • Customers expect businesses not to be sharing handsets between employees but to enjoy instant call transfer when required.
  • Customers are used to their calls being recorded, which is very useful for business training or complaint tracking.
  • Most customers now expect businesses to have an up to date account of their relationship with them. Integration with a CRM system is now par for the course with many businesses and allows staff to see every client’s communication history with the company.


So how does your phone system stack up against that?


The Role of the Internet:

Access to high speed broadband has made it possible for businesses to put more and more of their business operations and processes online.

More Advantages…

  • All standard phone system features, hunt groups, call transfers, hold (with music), call waiting, call forwarding and much more
  • Use call recording for audit trails, training and compliance
  • Improve collaboration with instant group calls
  • Twin your mobile number, for a complete unified communication solution
  • Call Parking, allows you park the call and collect it on a different handset if you have to move desks during your call
  • Use Presence or Pre-set Availability Profiles to manage incoming calls
  • Scale up and down based on the requirements of your business
  • Use Call History to view all calls made, received and missed
  • Additional functionality including hot desking, desktop integration and inclusive call recording

Hosted or Not Hosted?

Hosted VoIP simply means that your calling capabilities sit on your supplier servers and will require an Internet connection to access them. Your supplier will handle all software updates and maintenance so that your organisation can simply take it for granted that it works with no system down periods.

On-Premise VoIP means that your business hosts the necessary hardware on an internal server and your IT department is responsible for the routine updates, software upgrades, regular maintenance, system backups and data monitoring.

For a more detailed review of your business phone system and whether VoIP is right for your business, give us a call on 0800 085 6845.



Ingram Buy Comms-care

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Ingram Micro has announced that it has acquired U.K.-based Comms-care, a provider of technical services to the IT channel, for an undisclosed sum. Comms-care’s services include pre-sales support, configuration, professional services, maintenance and managed services designed to enable channel partners in delivering a cost effective total solution in the fast growing networking and data centre solutions markets.

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EU Blocks Three O2

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Credit Comms Dealer May 2016

The EU’s decision to block the acquisition of O2 by Hutchison under the EU Merger Regulation has been welcomed by industry bodies.

ITSPA and the Federation of Communication Services (FCS). Eli Katz, the Chair of ITSPA, stated: “If the deal had gone ahead it would have resulted in price rises, negatively impacting UK consumers.

“ITSPA feels that a competitive landscape in the UK telecom market is vital to provide the best outcomes for consumers and businesses. A reduction from four to three mobile network operators would have threatened this.

“The Commission was right to state that merger would have resulted in fewer MNOs willing to host virtual operators, consequently the damage to the MVNO market would have hindered innovation and competition, resulting in negative outcomes for UK consumers.”

FCS CEO Chris Pateman also welcomed the news. “We are pleased to see the EU has taken such a strong line on this merger,” he stated. “Hutchison’s proposed ‘remedies’ amounted to little more than a licence to re-arrange the deck chairs. They fell well short of what is needed to genuinely encourage innovation on anybody’s terms but the incumbent operators’. 

“The big issue goes far deeper than agreeing terms to merge two tentacles of what amounts to a four-armed monopoly. The mobile phone market in the UK – and indeed across the EU – needs some fundamental reform.

“To really drive innovation, encourage competition and deliver consumer value in mobile telephony requires the kind of wholesale competition we currently take for granted across the fixed line networks.  

“That’s something no merger enquiry will ever deliver by itself. It requires EU-level vision and Government-level commitment to push for the rights of consumers against the vested interests of corporate providers.

“The EU has tinkered at the edges with its welcome roaming commitments and price caps. But it’s competition, not bureaucracy, which will deliver sustainable consumer choice. And there’s no real sign of any willingness to deliver that big-picture view.”

John Colley, of Warwick Business School, is a Professor of Practice in the Strategy and International Business group and researches large takeovers. He is also a former MD of a FTSE 100 company.

Commenting on the news he said: “It comes as little surprise that the EU competition authorities have said enough is enough on the rapid concentration of the UK mobile telecoms sector.

“Following the merger of T-Mobile with Orange, subsequently purchased by BT, the industry was reduced to four players. The proposed merger of Three with O2 would have made it three players and the evidence from markets elsewhere shows that three players results in higher prices for consumers compared to four. In effect competition reduces and the consumer pays the price for that.

“It is clear that the merger would have substantially reduced costs in requiring less shops, marketing, administration, head offices and there would have been benefits in terms of reduced network operating costs. However, the reduced competition would have meant that Three/O2 would not have to pass those savings on to the consumer.”

Case study

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The partner program simply delivers what is says on the tin, all of the elements you need to grow your business are available and always with a friendly, helpful voice without the need for you to waste valuable time focusing on non-revenue generating activities. Advice is always on hand not just on technical matters but also regarding more general business issues that maybe new to you. I cannot recommend Sensibill highly enough. It would pay many vendors to take a look at the Account Management provided by Sensibill and take a leaf out of their book.

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