SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

SIP is a flexible and scalable protocol that has great depth.  It was designed to be a general-purpose way to set up multimedia sessions between groups of participants, in real time. In addition to traditional telephone calls, SIP can also be used to set up video meetings, audio conferencing or instant messaging conferencing.

SIP as a means to manage inbound communications is becoming more and more popular as business look to align all of their multi media communications activities.

SIP is ideal for businesses of all sizes who are looking at adding a hosted VoIP service and IP phones because it delivers VoIP without having to get rid of the existing PBX. Hosted VoIP offers businesses many features including a browser interface for features such as reporting, administration and system management.

VoIP removes the need for the installation of telephone lines which can be both time consuming and costly.

Sensibill are able to provide our partners with the support needed to not only implement, but also manage a VoIP solution installation. Through our industry trained support teams we will ensure you have to hand the tools needed to support your customers as they look to manage their inbound communications via an internet based solution.

VoIP and IP are just two of the many services that you will have access to as a Sensibill channel partner.