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We pride ourselves on being able to deliver first-class national service to our partners through a team of highly trained and ethical personnel, ensuring maximum return to you.

Your Partner for growth

Be a part of our amazing Flexible Partner packages to maximise respectable earnings and potential customer longevity.

We offer you an extensive product portfolio in Telecoms, IT, Security, business phone lines (including SIP), Technical support & Engineering resources to include maintenance and installation.

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Looking for a more capable service provider?

Sensibill operate a successful Partner Programme through which we are able to offer channel partners access to a wide variety of vendor products. Sensibill will focus on what support our channel partners need to maximise their business activities, creating a ‘win-win’ relationship. Sensibill can offer you a partnership status or a true white label offering.

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Telephone and VOIP Solutions

Telephone and VOIP solutions simplify communications; enhance customer service, employee productivity and collaboration while reducing the overall telephony costs.

With solutions that scale from small and medium sized businesses through to multi-site enterprises, Businesses or organisations of any size can benefit from truly flexible, scalable and unified communications with a range of productivity applications and business system integrations.

In partnership with you, we will design and build a bespoke telephone or VOIP solution using the latest technology.

Our solutions can be purchased, leased or rented our role is to understand your requirements and recommend the best fit for you in terms of functionality and budget.

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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

SIP is a flexible and scalable protocol that has great depth. It was designed to be a general-purpose way to set up multimedia sessions between groups of participants, in real time. In addition to traditional telephone calls, SIP can also be used to set up video meetings, audio conferencing or instant messaging conferencing.

SIP as a means to manage inbound communications is becoming more and more popular as business look to align all of their multi media communications activities.

SIP is ideal for businesses of all sizes who are looking at adding a hosted VoIP service and IP phones because it delivers VoIP without having to get rid of the existing PBX. Hosted VoIP offers businesses many features including a browser interface for features such as reporting, administration and system management.

VoIP removes the need for the installation of telephone lines which can be both time consuming and costly.

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Data Connectivity just doesn’t get any better than when with Sensibill.

Sensibill can provide you with all aspects of a quality broadband connection:

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Sensibill offer a complete white label billing solution

We will ensure that your customers are not faced with the Sensibill logo and your marketing collateral instead includes you company logo and details, suggesting that you host your own billing platform.

Sensibill’s billing capabilities mean that you don’t have to worry about any of the usual monthly billing activities normally associated with managing a client’s account. Being an accredited Sensibill channel partner means that you benefit from the support of an experienced and professional team who ensure your invoices are created, checked and distributed on time, every time.

We are also able to set up a direct debit collection facility on your behalf to ensure that regular payment cycles are maintained.

Sensibill is the ‘one stop shop’ solution for SME’s who recognise using a channel partner strategy is the best approach for increasing their company’s sales.

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Business phone Lines / Mobiles

With the support of Sensibill you are able to offer the following solutions to your customers:

Sensibill are a Wholesale Partner specialising in business intelligent mobile communications. This unique partnership allows us to provide a one-bill solution.

We also offer various Vodafone, EE and 02 tariff options for business clients to enable partners to offer multi-network solutions to customers who want to utilise a business mobile product.

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Information Technology Services

Sensibill will use system monitoring tools that produces monthly reports on up time and system performance allowing you to have better visibility of your systems. Our patch management ensures that all machines have the latest Microsoft/Third party patches no
matter where the machines are located.

Our cloud managed anti-virus software ensures high levels of
protection for both machines on premise and remote workers.
Our system will also provide asset management and audits
allowing better licensing and compliance management.

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The connection experts

Sensibill provide solutions for the latest high-speed networks, with cabling and physical installations (switches, cabinets etc.) that meet the most up to date regulatory requirements – from BS6701 to CPR regulations. Whether, it’s a new installation or an adaption of the system you have, we will provide the answer.

We are the go to company for all areas of communication – from a single data point to bespoke solutions for high speed data services, fire and security systems across the UK. Keeping businesses connected is what we do best.

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Fire, Security and CCTV

Sensibill are an experienced provider of flexible security solutions, offering a range of service to ensure your home or business is protected around the clock - from door entry systems to intruder alarms.

Fire Systems are at the heart of safety of every building and a key consideration for all businesses to protect not only their business and property but most importantly of all, their people.

When it comes to protecting your property, CCTV systems are an essential part of ensuring both the safety of your staff and property, but if you think it’s just a case of putting up a camera – think again.

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