Should you move your IT services to your telecoms provider?

By February 19, 2019News

It used to be the case that IT services were only available through sole IT service providers, with businesses incurring separate charges for their business telecoms and IT services. But, that’s a thing of the past…

Where it was once common practice for your business to partner with both a business telecoms provider (for services such as business telephone systems, broadband, lines and calls and business mobiles) and then have a separate IT services provider, it now makes sense for businesses to house all of their business communications under one roof.

In recent years telecoms and IT services have become much more intertwined and, with advancements in business mobiles, computer telephony integration and cloud-based phone systems, the distinction between business telecoms and IT services is becoming blurred. Because of this, businesses in the UK are looking for unified communications and are therefore switching to providers who can offer a “one-stop-shop” of services.

Moving your IT services to your telecoms provider offers many business benefits, mainly the ability to consolidate your costs. You will have one provider for all of your business communications and one monthly bill allowing you to save time and money.

By moving your services to a single provider, your IT services will be delivered by a team that you already know and trust with your business’ communications, hardware and security. This gives you a single point of contact, making it much more convenient to get in touch and leaving you time to concentrate on running your business. Plus, you eliminate the possibility of a lack of communication between two separate providers or any conflicts between them. Not to mention, your IT services, including domain hosting, Office 365, network security and IT support, are crucial to two of your business’ most important communication avenues – your website and your emails.

Surely it makes sense to have these hosted by a communications specialist like your business telecoms provider?

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